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  1. config file for tp-fancontrol
  1. The temparature shift will shift the trip points for different fan speeds.
  2. A positive value means that the trip-point is at a higher temperature and
  3. thus the fan is less noisy. A negative shift lets the fan start earlier.
  4. The default value is 0.
  5. TEMP_SHIFT=10
  1. True if logging to syslog should be enabled. If zero no logging to syslog
  2. is enabled. All output will appear on console. This option implies QUIET=1.
  3. The default value is 1.
  1. If no logging to syslog is on, the output will be verbose. To be less
  2. verbose set QUIET to 1. The default value is 1.
  3. QUIET=1
  1. The file to store the pid of the currently running fan-control daemon in.
  2. The default value is /var/run/
  3. PIDFILE=/var/run/