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I just bought one of these and have been playing with Ubuntu Hardy Alpha 6 on it. Thus far:

Things that work:

* Graphics (including 3d and Xv). The chipset appears to be very similar to that of the X61
* trackpad and trackpoint, including scrolling
* Ethernet
* Wifi
* Bluetooth (and its enablement can be controlled via thinkpad_acpi)
* DVD drive
* Camera
* Hibernate (although some hardware seems confused when resuming, e.g. cpu scaling)

Things that don't work:

* Audio doesn't work - at all. Only Master and PCM show up in ALSA mixers, but no sound comes out of the speakers or headphone socket
* Suspend - the machine appears to suspend, but right at the last minute starts up again

Things not tested yet:

* Fingerprint scanner
* USB ports (but hey, these are bound to work)
* External VGA port
* RF killswitch