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Previously I used on a T20: Debian and Ubuntu, former provided suspend->ram, latter ->disk OK, but neither worked well on T42. Also, to use internal wireless-2200 only SUSE would work. Fedora: no good.

Debian and others are OK but no suspend or 2200 support for now.

I never liked SUSE before, but this 9.3 is OK, in any event, I'm stuck with it as I need some suspend.

Standby hasn't worked for with 600e, 240x, t20 or t42 (but I think did with 365).

Ubuntu works wonderfully

I've found that Ubuntu works wonderfully on the T42. I started this machine with Ubuntu Dapper, then moved to Eft. The upgrade had some problems, but that was because of Ubuntu itself. Out of the box, just about everything works: sleep, suspend, sound, brightness control, etc. Dgriffi 21:03, 19 January 2007 (CET)

memory under the keyboard?

I removed the keyboard on my T42 to see about replacing the modem in the CDC slot with one that includes Bluetooth. Below and to the right of the CDC slot is a SODIMM. I confirmed that I wasn't actually looking at the back of the one accessed through the small plate on the bottom. Can I replace this SODIMM under the keyboard without any danger of the BIOS rejecting it? Dgriffi 23:24, 28 January 2007 (CET)