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Previously I used on a T20: Debian and Ubuntu, former provided suspend->ram, latter ->disk OK, but neither worked well on T42. Also, to use internal wireless-2200 only SUSE would work. Fedora: no good.

Debian and others are OK but no suspend or 2200 support for now.

I never liked SUSE before, but this 9.3 is OK, in any event, I'm stuck with it as I need some suspend.

Standby hasn't worked for with 600e, 240x, t20 or t42 (but I think did with 365).

Ubuntu works wonderfully

I've found that Ubuntu works wonderfully on the T42. I started this machine with Ubuntu Dapper, then moved to Eft. The upgrade had some problems, but that was because of Ubuntu itself. Out of the box, just about everything works: sleep, suspend, sound, brightness control, etc. Dgriffi 21:03, 19 January 2007 (CET)