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I'm having the idea in my head for sime time already to introduce Templates like [[Template:T41p]], which would easy and partly automate the maintaining of model categories. The advantage is that everyone who places a note about a model on a page, say T41p and who places this note within Template brackets like <nowiki>{{T41p}}</nowiki> would not only automatically make this a link to this models category, but also put that page into this models category as well. I see three backdrawings:
*pages get categorized that mention a model but are not really relevant for that model
*pages might need to be categorized for a model without containing a note of that model, hence this solution would not make by hand categorization or correction of the categorization obsolete
*the Templates, like Template:T41p will appear in the models category view under the letter T (no way to avoid that) which is a bit ugly and maybe confusing to people who are not concerned about the inner workings of MediaWiki
What do you think, shell we do it or not?

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