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Mac OS X (10.4 Tiger / 10.5 Leopard)

This page gives an introduction to Mac OS X and an overview of related articles.

What is Mac OS X ?

Mac OS X is a Hybrid BSD Unix distribution that starts with the breadth of BSD (Berkeley Standard Distribution) and Dawrin and is used be Apple Corp. on Their Macintosh Systems.

I will not get into the legaleties of using this OS, and this guide is simply here to let the public know it is possible.


There's an excellent site Containing all the general how-to's and the guides to hack this OS to be used on generic PC, Intel or AMD CPU baesd!!! So most of the information I shall put here is based on what I learned on this website, and my own experience, but if you're looking for more extensive info., that's the site to look in.

I'm in the process of collecting information on the subject, and trying out the OS on my ThinkPad, and would appreciate any help offered.

please feel free to contact me (ChesWiz)

As I'm also new to the wiki editing system, It will take me a while to get this page to look as I originally intended, so bare with me.


Apple's Mac OS X Site is a great place (albiet rather subjective) to learn about the Mac Operating System X

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