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== Reports ==
== Reports ==
* [[Bootup sidux 2008-03 (Ουρέα) on a IdeaPad S9]]
* [[Bootup sidux 2008-03 (Ουρέα) on a IdeaPad S9]]
* [http://www.sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-13971.html Sidux on Lenovo Ideapad S10e] Quote: "Works almost perfect with pontos"

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IdeaPad S Series

This page gives an overview of all IdeaPad S Series (S9, S10) related topics.

The IdeaPad S Series-notebooks may have IdeaPad firmware, they are not ThinkPads as far as Operating System support (i.e. drivers) are concerned.

This Page is work in Progress. Feel free to add more Information: Hardware Listing Incomplete.


  • Linux
    • Linpus Linux should be supported on selected Models. (Ref)
  • Windows
    • Home is supported


  • CPU
    • Intel Atom
  • Displays
    • 9" - 10" TFTs
      • Problems while detecting, research needed. "Undefined video mode number: 317", resolution direct boot cheatcodes might be needed for up to a resolution of up to

1024x600 (screen=1024x600)


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