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This page is dedicated to hints about buying used or new ThinkPad models. You can find notes about typical weaknesses of used ThinkPads here and other things you should care about when choosing a ThinkPad and where to buy it.

Only some random notes so far

  • 390X models with 15" display are said to have weak display cables that tend to break.
  • A30, A30p, A31, A31p seem to have a mechanical design that can cause the motherboard to break. At least there are a significant number of reports of broken motherboards on these models.

Build it yourself and save money

Lenovo offers more flexibility than any other major manufacturer of laptop computers, at least that I know of. Their "configure-to-order" (CTO) offerings let you build the computer you want, without paying for anything you don't want. The basic CTO includes the mainboard and CPU, but no RAM, disk, mini-PCI cards, software, or other add-ons. You can even get a laptop in a CTO configuration.

I built my X32 notebook with 1GB RAM, 60GB 5400RPM hard drive, USB DVD-ROM CD-RW drive, and 802.11a/b/g mini-PCI for a grand total of US$1,206, including tax and shipping.

Start with the complete list of [products]. Look for items that end with "CTO" or "Custom." Choose the chassis you want. Then add whatever [upgrades] you need that only Lenovo offers (such as WiFi). Fill in the rest of the components from other, less expensive vendors.

Special deals