Bootup sidux 2008-03 (Ουρέα) on a IdeaPad S9e

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I could get sidux 2008-03 DVD to run with the screen=1024x600 cheatcode out of the box. A needed external USB DVD/CD Drive was needed. Be warned, the OS UI setup is not properly configured to handle such a resolution out of the box. Dialogs appear to be too large in size (mostly the height) mostly, sothat important buttons in the lower areas most windows are often not accessible.

TODO: PCI Listing etc.

Before Installation

  • External CD/DVD needed, have not tested the USB Installer but might try that.

What works out of the Box

  • USB
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse

What did not work out of the Box

  • Screen Resolution, needed a hint at boot: screen=1024x600