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=== ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate (BDC-2 / BDC-2.1) ===
This is a USB Bluetooth Adapter that is installed in a slot in the Bluetooth Daughter Card (BDC). The location of the Bluetooth Daughter Card varies by model (within the screen, under the palm rest area, etc.); refer to the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the location of the BDC within each specific model.
=== Features ===
* Chipset: Broadcom
* Model: BCM2045B (BDC-2)
* USB VID/PID: 0A5C:2110 (BDC-2)
* USB VID/PID: 0A5C:2145 (BDC-2.1)
* USB VID/PID: 0A5C:217F (BDC-2.1)
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[[Image:Logo_bluetooth.jpg|Bluetooth Logo]]
=== Partnumbers ===
* FRU PN: 39T0497 (T61, T60, X61, X60)
*FRU PN: 42T0969, 60Y3211, 60Y3215 (R400, R500, T400, T500, W500, W700, W700ds, X200, X200s, X201, X201s)
*FRU PN: 44C9696 (X200 Tablet, X201 Tablet)
*FRU PN: 43Y6481 (T400s, X301)
*FRU PN: 60Y3199, 60Y3213 (Edge 11", T410, T410i, T410s, T410si)
*FRU PN: 60Y3199 (T510, T510i, W510, X100e)
=== Linux Driver ===
The Bluetooth adapter uses the '''hci_usb''' driver {{kernelconf|CONFIG_BT_HCIUSB||||||}}.
One can enable Bluetooth by pressing {{key|Fn}}{{key|F5}}.  If this doesn't work, you can load the [[thinkpad-acpi]] kernel module and run the following command with root privileges:
{{cmdroot|echo "enable" > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth}}
When Bluetooth is enabled, the Bluetooth-logo LED will light up and executing {{cmdroot|lsusb}} will show an entry mentioning "Broadcom".
On recent ThinkPads the Wireless killswitch disables both WiFi and Bluetooth (verified on a ThinkPad Z60m, Z61t, T60, T61 and X61).
=== Set Fn + F5 or Fn + F6 as hotkey to enable/disable Bluetooth ===
If the {{key|Fn}}{{key|F5}} combo doesn't work for you out-of-box, you can easily use Linux ACPI subsystem to enable and disable Bluetooh. You only need to create two small files (shown below). Note that you need to have <code>acpid</code> and <code>thinkpad_acpi</code> installed and properly working. The following scripts were tested on openSUSE 10.3.
Newer ThinkPad T Series Models cycle through four options:
# WLAN on + bluetooth on
# WLAN off + bluetooth off
# WLAN off + bluetooth on
# WLAN on + bluetooth off
If you don't like this and want to control only bluetooth without affecting WLAN you can simply add {{key|Fn}}{{key|F6}} as the bluetooth toggle. To do that use the second ACPI event handler scipt below instead of the first one.
==== ACPI action script ====
<pre># cat /etc/acpi/actions/bluetooth
# Bluetooth enable/disable script
/etc/init.d/bluetooth status
if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]; then
        /etc/init.d/bluetooth start > /dev/null
        echo enabled > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth
        echo "Bluetooth enabled"
        /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop > /dev/null
        echo disabled > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth
        echo "Bluetooth disabled"
This script, when executed, detects the current state of Bluetooth subsystem and changes it to the opposite state.
==== ACPI event handler ====
<pre># cat /etc/acpi/events/bluetooth
event=ibm/hotkey HKEY 00000080 00001005
<code>acpid</code>, once detects Fn + F5 keypress, runs the given script which disables or enables Bluetooth (and changes state of indication LED).
To use {{key|Fn}}{{key|F6}} for bluetooth toggling only and leave the function of FN+F5 on newer ThinkPads intact use the following script instead of the one above:
<pre># cat /etc/acpi/events/bluetooth
event=ibm/hotkey HKEY 00000080 00001006
=== See Also ===
* [[How_to_setup_Bluetooth|How to Setup Bluetooth]]
=== ThinkPads Using This Device ===
* {{Z60m}}, {{Z60t}}, {{Z61t}}
* {{R60}}, {{R61}}
* {{T60}}, {{T60p}}, {{T61}}, {{T61p}}
* {{X60}}, {{X60s}}, {{X60 Tablet}}, {{X61}}, {{X61s}}, {{X61 Tablet}}, {{X300}}
* {{Edge 11"}}, {{Edge 13"}}, {{Edge 14"}}, {{Edge 15"}}
* {{L412}}, {{L512}}
* {{R400}}, {{R500}}
* {{SL300}}, {{SL400}}, {{SL500}}, {{SL500c}}, {{SL510}}
* {{T400}}, {{T400s}}, {{T410}}, {{T410i}}, {{T410s}}, {{T410si}}, {{T500}}, {{T510}}, {{T510i}}
* {{W500}}, {{W510}}, {{W700}}, {{W700ds}}, {{W701}}, {{W701ds}}
* {{X100e}}, {{X200}}, {{X200s}}, {{X200 Tablet}}, {{X201}}, {{X201s}}, {{X201 Tablet}}, {{X220}}, {{X301}}
=== External Sources ===
*[http://www.broadcom.com/products/Bluetooth/Bluetooth-RF-Silicon-and-Software-Solutions/BCM2045 Broadcom BCM2045 Product]

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