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This is a Analog Devices High-Definition Audio 1.0 controller


  • Chipset: AD1981HD
  • Interface: HD Audio 1.0

Linux OSS driver


Linux ALSA driver

This chip works with snd-hda-intel driver. Possible cracking noises can be avoided by adding the position_fix=2 optional argument for the module.

  • The AD1981HD installs by default in Debian. To get it to work you must first install it with alsaconf.
  • As of kernel 2.6.17, some users report a missing master volume control (e.g., with the T60p), as described in this thread: The "Front" channel, which controls the external speakers, can act as a master, but must be unmuted for headphones to work. However, with the "Front" volume all the way down, the headphones will be very quiet, and audible sound may still emerge from the speakers.

The modem and audio chip are very closely connected somehow. According to a bug in the BIOS, the modem disables the audio device, too. That seems to be the reason for most sound problem with this chip.

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