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just have to write my experience with thinkpad T43 (model 2668) and its problems with fan and subsequently with other parts.

I bought T43 model and when I was working with it, I mentioned always-on problem which I wasn't aware before. I found tpfancontrol utility which is very useful but pulsing problem is still here. advice on thinkwiki says update bios and embeded controller to improve this problem at least a little bit. So I did and then I mentioned some serious problems. first of all, hibernation was extremelly slow (more than 90 seconds) which is very annoying. Then, few days later I was copying some files via usb 2.0 and transfer speed was extremelly low (as with usb 1.0). Moreover windows startup was extremelly slow and in general hdd response time was annoyingly slow. I realized all these symptoms after approx. one week of work and started to find solutions. I improved startup time with bootvis, made defragmentation, cleaned registry and similar stuff but nothing helped. Even if I solved all these problems separately I felt that the cause is probably hdd, but didn't know what's going wrong. Then by chance, I came across the article about upgrading hdd firmware. Because my hdd is original one on this system and is supported by lenovo, I donwloaded their boot utility with firmware upgrades, installed it and from that point everything worked. Startup time was half of before, hibernation around 15 seconds (with 1GB ram), hdd sound and access time as I would expect to be correct. And all this just because of the bios/EC upgrade.

I came across some very short discussion where people were looking for the help with the same problem of extremelly slow hibernation and I decided to post this in order for somebody to give help.