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OS Fedora 10 Thinkpad T500 Kismet configuration

1. log in a root

2. Open terminal ---> type su

3. Enter password

4. Enter -----> yum -y install kismet

5. Enter -----> vi /etc/kismet/kismet.conf

6. press i to insert, then use arrows on keyboard and find lines in step 7 & 8

7. suiduser= John ( I have John (Me) you then change it to name of your home directory)

8. source=ipw3945,wlan0,intel ( Same again enter info after source= This will work with intel 5300 )

9. Now to exit from vi editor press Esc then find a blank line and enter ---> :wq

Now logout as root and log back in as user defined in suiduser e.g. John

10. Go to Menu --> Administration and choose SELinux Management

11. Change System Default Enforcing Mode to (Permisive)

12. Change Current Enforcing mode to Permisive 13. Whils in the Administration menu, go to Users and Groups and double click on both user and groups and enter a check in the admins checkbox

14. Right click on network mangement icon on taskbar (Where the time appears)

15. Uncheck, disable Enable Networking and Wireless.

16. Open command line / terminal and again follow steps 2 & 3.

17. Type kismet.

18. Should now be up and running

19. Mind ensure before use that both Networking and Wireless are disabled from steps 14 & 15

To enable the Wireless and Networking restart machine and ensure that both check box are enabled. If anyone has idea how to restart network and wireless without restart then pls post thanks !

John W