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About me

* Benjamin Steininger
* Student at H_DA Darmstadt
* My Homepage


ThinkPad R52

  • 1846-64G (since 12/2005)

Used as a desktop replacement and at home and university. Running Windows XP almost 2 1/2 year Switched September 2008 to Ubuntu 8.04 and then to 8.10

Hardware Problems

After about 1/2 year the cpu-fan got switched because the cpu was getting to hot and fan was making strange noise sometimes.

After about 2 3/4 year the cpu-fan got switched again together with the complete mainboard because the usb-ports only worked as usb 1.1 and sometimes the gpu created problems on standby.

All replacements were made by IBM while the guarantee

Operating System

Ubuntu 8.10 with system encryption

  • Free radeon graphic-card-driver
  • PHC for Undervolting
  • tpfand + tpfan-admin
  • xrandr for dual screens