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Deleted lots of commercial links added by this user. Check history if retrieval is needed.

To "Powerbattery": who are you, and what do you think you're doing?

Why didn't you get permission from the owner of this Wiki to post commercial links? Instead of this crap you pulled, you'd get nice banners in the *front page*, and many of us would visit your site, and maybe even buy stuff from you because you support ThinkWiki.

Instead, this is the second time an UK-based seller of batteries post stuff like this to the wiki. Can't anyone who sells batteries in the UK actually act in a professional way? Must you guys insist in abusing ThinkWiki looking for free publicity you have been WARNED is not welcome?

ADDING ANY SORT OF COMMERCIAL LINKS FOR COMMON THINKPAD SPARE PARTS WITHOUT PERMISSION IS NOT ALLOWED. If you found one that was not deleted yet, don't think this means they are allowed or welcome. It just means it got in under our radar and we don't know about it, thus we didn't delete it YET.