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In 2000 I got a Thinkpad 560 as present. This got me hooked and I build up from there.

My Thinkpads

Triton - TP560 2640-DSW

  • Named after horse from anime "Galaxy Rangers"
  • My first one. Built 1996, given to me 2000 and my best notebook till 2005.
  • Pentium 100MHz, 40Mb RAM, 800Mb harddrive.
  • OS: Debian testing

Rocinante - TP570 2644-3AG

  • Named after horse from Don Quixote (
  • Bought on Ebay for use on bumpy travels (university,...).
  • Mobile Pentium II 366MHz, currently 64Mb RAM going to 192Mb, 6.4Gb harddrive to be updated soon
  • OS: Debian testing

On this one I flashed the Bios which got me ACPI working like a charm including most functions of ibm-acpi.

Steed - TPR52 1846-64G

  • Named after horse form anime "Saber Rider"
  • Bought mid-2005 to replace the 560.
  • Pentium-M 1.73GHz, 512Mb RAM, 60Gb harddrive, X300 Mobility
  • OS: Debian Testing, Win XP