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Hey, ThinkWiki users!

I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, majoring in Computer Science. I've just been using linux for a couple years now on and off, so this site has been an AMAZING resource, first of all. Thank you so much to all those who contribute to this awesome site. I've work at the UW's Help Desk for some time now, on phone tech support, and the combination of my CS classes and studying operating systems as well as the pains of fixing horribly broken Windows computers on a daily basis has really sparked my desire to find a better operating system solution. I just inherited this TP 6 months ago from my fathers IT business, so I decided to use this as my latest Linux experiment, and it's now become my favorite computer. I just built a new AMD 64 desktop system, but that quickly became a pure gaming and hardcore CPU intensive program computer. I absolutely love my R30 and running Linux on it. I probably use this little 900MHz celeron powered notebook 95% of the time, compred to my beefy desktop, and it's all because I just feel dirty when using a windows box. This notebook is my lifeblood, it goes everywhere with me, and I have this site to thank for quite a bit of the work I did to get this TP running just the way I wanted.

So that's a bit about myself, and here's my rig so far:

  • ThinkPad R30
  • Gentoo Linux, kernel 2.6.10
  • running APM because of the ACPI fan issue, and I'm almost positive this notebook can't speedstep, so I don't know if I can make the fan spin down. However, APM can't shut down the notebook, but this is a small price to pay for having a quiet rig
  • my TP is happily running with laptop-mode support (great stuff!)
  • trackpoint works great, except the scrolling, which is fine by me
  • all the Fn keys work great
  • haven't bothered to get the volume or ThinkPad buttons to work though, not something I need too much

more to come if I can get around to it!