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Radeon driver working great in my X31

The radeon driver video output switching is working in my X31 as intended. Perhaps I should update a bit this page, because the problems listed for radeon are very old, but I don't want to do this without the experience of people with other Radeon video cards.

For me Fn-F7 is working in console and X (Debian Etch). It stops to work when I run X with mergedFB settings to be able to have 2 displays (which is the way it works in windows by the way). But is working perfectly for the intended use (to have one screen and be able to plug an external cloned screen or projector with the same resolution).

--Ungoliant 18:23, 25 February 2007 (CET)

X40 solution

I have found a solution for switching back to LCD with the Intel Cards on my X40. But it semms a bit strange to me so maybe someone can confirm that it also works on other Thinkpads (mine is a X41) and setups before I edit that wiki entry.

If i do echo lcd_enable,crt_disable > /proc/acpi/ibm/video after enabling crt i get to see the screen on both lcd and crt although scrambled on crt. After executing it the second time i get lcd only. So for now i always execute that command twice.

Describe the problem (cloning)


I suggest to describe the problem a little more in detail. Moreover, cloning, that is to have the display on both screens the external and the LCD, is possible. Oub 13:57, 11 July 2006 (CEST):

Thats interresting. The person that wrote that "lcd_enable" should write which model he has, because I have no problems with my T43. I mainly use "video_switch".

Defiant 17:06, 11 July 2006 (CEST)


Does the problem of switching video output also exist for the X60(s) series?
Yes it does. Getting i810switch + patch fixes the problem. Details in the main page.

Problems with T60P

Even with more recent drivers (Ubuntu currently has 8.37.6 in its repositories), video switching is not possible with the fglrx drivers, at least on the T60p. I do not know if this is a problem with fglrx or the acpi events (if you view /etc/acpi/events/ibm-videobtn, you will see that it is just a placeholder that does nothing). Has anyone successfully gotten video switching to work with fglrx under Ubuntu or any other distribution using this version of fglrx?

Also, I have edited the alternative solution for fglrx to indicate a potential problem users might run into. When I tired it, most of my function key combos and the volume control buttons stopped working. Has anyone experienced this with another other Thinkpad model?