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Hello again! Now I already know what was wrong... In my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, after the install was not present the package sysfsutils - therefore the sysfs.conf file did not make any changes even after rebooting several times:)

Hello! I am new to Linux and new to ThinkWiki - so I am so stupid I cannot find the name of the author of the Installing page for KK on X61... Sorry for that.

I am a ThinkPad X61 user running KK (Ubuntu 9.10) and having following trouble:

I've followed your instruction to install and set-up the tp-smapi kernel module. I did everything you mentioned (incl. editing /etc/modules and /etc/sysfs.conf) but the charging never follows the new thresholds for START and STOP ... it always starts charging immediately after the capacity drops under 96% and stops after infinite period of time (after it reaches 100%).

Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong? Have you tried that it works for you on Karmic Koala???

The model number of my X61 is 7675-RF4