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Help needed
This procedure is not working for me. It successfully activates the wireless card, and my network manager detects the signal from the router (great!). When I click to connect to this network, a progress bubble appears, reaches 28%, with the words "Activation stage: Configuring device." The process halts there. I have what I think is a kernel panic, although I guess it could be a hard xorg crash (mouse won't move, nothing changes on-screen, VTs refuse to appear, X zap doesn't work, etc.) Anyone have a suggestion?

The iwl4965 driver (Version 0.42 I think) is now included with Gutsy, you might want to remove all the firmware you installed and then reinstall linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22 and try that.

Cannot boot Tribe 3 with T61

I'm couldn't get Gutsy Tribe 3 CD to boot on my new widescreen T61 with Intel graphics (1280x800). Normal boot (or "safe graphics mode") gave me an initramfs shell with no explanation, selecting VGA 1024x768x32 (and the others) gave me a blank screen (with backlight on). Interestingly, when I connected an external 1280x1024 monitor before booting, the VGA popup offered that mode to me, but without it it never offered 1280x800, just 1024x768.

The Alternative install CD was somewhat better, but once it got to the actual installation step, at about 9% of the progress bar, where it installed xresprobe (IIRC), the screen suddenly went blank. I finished the installation blindly, by pressing Enter whenever the CD spun down. The system booted and detected the widescreen resolution just fine, with the minor TV-out caveat.

Note that using the monitor-TV workaround breaks xrandr, which then complains that "output TV is connected but has no modes".

Also note that to get working WiFi I had to go into the BIOS setup and set "Internal Wireless Radio Frequency" to On.

 -- Marius Gedminas, 2007-08-09

Answer from DA Try this: "When the system boots hit F1 to enter the Bios, select Config->Serial ATA (SATA) and set the SATA Controller mode option to "Compatibility"." Or "Must install using the alternate CD or the regular CD and hit F4 to change VGA settings to 1024x768x32 and use regular install."

These were older instructions that probably still apply if you are using Tribe 3.