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Video Card

While my video card works fine with the driver provided in lenny, I followed the given instructions to upgrade X to experimental, but encountered enough problems that I gave up and returned to lenny. Among the problems:

  • The resolution was not automatically detected, though this was fixed by putting the resolution in xorg.conf.
  • The HDMI-1 and HDMI-2 workaround is also necessary to prevent a scary blank display after logging in.
  • Control-Alt-F[1–12] and Control-Alt-Backspace don't do anything!
  • The arrow keys don't do anything!

The last one was the one I decided I couldn't live with. I did a fair amount of troubleshooting—I used xev to get the keycodes produced by the arrow-keys, and then opened the gnome keyboard properties, which showed my that two of my arrow keys were being read as scroll lock and page up, and the other two were not being read as all. This is experimental, so there may be any number of bugs, but if anybody has a similar experience, please share.

Harrisonts 06:52, 26 November 2008 (CET)