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Thanks for the initial work, felt the need for having such info here for some while already. i changed the whole page structure. Every docking solution is a single page now, the docking solutions page contains general info and a list of available docks and port replicators. This gives space for info about all the lots of different docking stations. A direct feature comparison would only have been able through a table and to my taste that doesn't make much sense since it can be done by opening several tabs in your browser.

Wyrfel 00:25, 21 Mar 2005 (CET)

Qualities? Recommendations? Midi?

Thanks, this is a really great site.

I was offered a Replicator for X30 prized less than 20 bucks. Is this realistic? Are these cheap replics that may cause damage?

What options do I have to connect to Musical Instr. Digital Interfaces (MIDI)?

Edit: Doing some research, I learned that there are manyfold ways:

  • External Midi Adaptors connecting to USB, serial, or PCMCIA slot
  • External Soundcards with Midi or Gameport (USB, PCMCIA)

I cannot tell, what is supported best with Alsa.