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This page gives an overview of the model suffixes that indicate variants of the main model.

Post-2000 models

p: Professional. Usually with higher specs, bigger/higher density screens, designed to be desktop replacements.

s: Slim. Usually low-voltage, low frequency, soldered-on CPUs, better battery life. Slimmer build, usually thinner than regular models.

i: Budget models, usually but not always weaker CPU (often Celeron), lower resolution, no UltraBay, lacking features (Wifi, Firewire etc.)

e: Economy(?). Similar to i models in weaker specs and features.

u: Ultraportable. Only present on the T430u model (?).

m: Most likely difference in casing size and/or features. (For example, HMM for A20m/A20p does not show any differences between the models.)

t: Not to be confused with "Tablet" models. Present on some lower-speced models in early 2000's (e.g. Z61p vs Z61t.).

Pre-2000 models

Suffixes on older models vary considerably and do not follow a regular pattern.

Examples are XD, XL, C, CE, CV, CS, CX, CSD, CSE.