Installing SLED 10/10sp1 on a ThinkPad T61

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I actually just migrated my drive from my z61p over to the new box when it arrived due to being in the middle of some work stuff.


  • If Quadro then install the Nvidia driver from source, 100.14.09 or better, Currently on 100.14.11
  • If the IBM wireless card then add the madwifi repo to yast as documented elsewhere.
  • Sound wise, I personally built 1.0.14 and patched it according to the docs on the AD1984 page

I have not tested bluetooth or the mem card reader yet, but notes on what is not working:

  • fn key brightness control

Everything else seems to be rolling great, ultra bay battery was fully detected and I am getting good battery life and processor scaling, and have been hammering it hard for the last 4 days, VMware, RAD, WAS, Eclipse, etc. On a performance related note, all 4Gbs of ram are detected and being utilized with big-smp, as well as both cores. Full 3d rendering with the latest NVidia driver, and I got to play WoW for a good 6hrs. today with no issues, getting 40-100fps.