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After some more investigation into the SATA vs PATA issue, I have come to the conslusion that while the controller is SATA, that it is using PATA passthrough, so the actual disk is still PATA, but you need Linux SATA drivers.


Yes, so if you wanted to buy a hard drive to replace it, you'd have to get a PATA hard drive. This page suggests that people who want to upgrade will need a new hard drive that is SATA-native. Imagine the ruckus that this description can be causing to a current T4x/p user who already has an upgraded PATA hard drive (or want to use their current 7k60) seeing this page; they will be under the impression that their upgrade will not function with their T43/p purchase. Granted, T43/p's might not accept this upgrade because new BIOS'es simply do not allow them (the reason specifically being that the T43/p machines use a PATA <-> SATA bridge chip; cite:, but I think you should still clearly indicate that the hard drive is PATA native.

Your comment about the TABOOK.pdf referring that the hard drive is most definitely SATA; I see no text of this anywhere. The optical drive's connection is out question; the interface it uses is clearly independent of the hard drive's interface. Another way to verify this: take your hard drive's model and search it under its manufacturer's site. It will most definitely list your hard drive as ATA-6, an IDE/PATA drive. (And if it starts with HTS, then it's definitely ATA-6; HGST only has 2.5" TravelStars that are SATA-native on their 100GB drives, which Thinkpads do not even come with.)

Linux implements ICH6 (the PATA/SATA chipset) within the SATA driver, so my second modification, "40, 60 or 80GB PATA HDD (using ICH6/SATA drivers on linux)" is the best way to go. It also does not infer that the drive appears SATA on Windows, because it doesn't; it says IDE in the device tree, which correctly indicates that hard drive is a PATA device.

Hopefully awaiting your consensus.


Right I had come to a simular conslusion, simply due to checking upgrade HDD partnumbers with those of other T40 series machines. Since they use the same HDD's they must all be PATA.

In addition for them to switch to SATA would probably also require a new UltraBay revision, since the HDD's can be used in the UltraBay with a UltraBay HDD adapter, and the 'UltraBay Slim' does not include a SATA connector.

Machines that appear to have this PATA passthrough:

  • R52
  • T43, T43p
  • X41, X41 Tablet


I've got the 2668-89U model (15" screen, ATI x300 video), and I can NOT get suspend to RAM or disk (hibernate) to work reliably. I've been through all the relevant pages on this wiki many times. Is anyone kind enough to post their working kernel config, xorg config, /etc/hibernate/* config files, boot commandline and module settings, along with distribution (name and version), and any other relevant information? I've reached the point of desperation! Thanks.


I recently took apart my T43 for cleaning purposes and I still am not able to get my internal speakers working as they aught to. Sound still comes out of them whenever external speakers or headphones are attached. I have disconnected them internally but does anyone else have this or know about this problem?