Installation instructions for the ThinkPad T60p

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Specific installation notes for the ThinkPad T60p.

Note: you may want to look at Installation instructions for the ThinkPad T60 as the two models have lots in common, especially if your distro/version doesn't appear here.

Distribution-specific instructions

Ubuntu / Kubuntu

My own notes and observations: -

Ubuntu 8.10 ( Intrepid Ibex ) and Suspend/Resume on the Thinkpad T60p ( 2007-AE7 )
Installing and Using Ubuntu 8.10 on my Thinkpad T60p
More from the land of the Ibex
Intrepidly going where no one ( apart from an ibex ) has gone before ...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS

Red Hat Fedora



Suse Linux

Works out of the box, SLES SP1