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ATI fglrx driver

This is a binary-only driver which supports 3D acceleration.

How much is the speed gain versus the opensource drivers?

- On the old drivers, I've noticed appx 40% speed gain with ATI fglrx vs open source drivers. However, there are issues with freezing/garbage after suspend, garbage when resizing desktop (ctrl-alt-plus, ctrl-alt-minus), and garbage while using VMware. The current 8.14.13 has shown 400% improvement over using "radeon" or "ati" in xorg.conf. 1200FPS glxgears! (note that glxgears isnt a benchmark tool, its so simple that its value is without any meaning... you can only compare glxgears using the same drivers/machine, if you change any of then you can have higher/lower values and in real life programs/games happend the opposite. Think in the car engine rpm, higher rpm in the same car usually its a faster car, change anything and its meaningless. ie: gears, truck, wheel size, etc make it useless)

NOTE: 2D acceleration may be disabled when 3D acceleration is enabled. This comes from the Xorg.conf file the fglrx driver provides

  # === OpenGL Overlay ===
  # Note: When OpenGL Overlay is enabled, Video Overlay
  #       will be disabled automatically
      Option "OpenGLOverlay"              "1"

--- Just a note to the above. The 2D acceleration for that option refers to video overlay. You can use either regular Xv video overlay or make the video an opengl texture and let the OpenGL engine scale your video. It has nothing to do with 2D drawing primitives. Further, your mileage on performance may vary depending on what card you have. The open-source drivers don't support newer cards, while the ATI drivers don't support older cards. My 9200SE is supported by both and with ATI 8.12.10 drivers (newer drivers aren't always faster) my meager machine gets about 512 fps and changing ONLY the driver (and OpenGL lib) to the open source radeon driver (from Xorg 6.8.2-r2) I'm getting 707 fps. So - that 40% gain is going in the open-source favor not ATI's for my setup.

Project Homepage / Availability



Current version: 8.19.10 (11th November 2005)

Beta Testing

The fglrx developers are looking for T Series users to take part in their beta program.

If interested, plese contact mtippett (at) ati.com.

Problems & Help

See Problems with fglrx.


# yum install ati-fglrx
# VER=  # copy version string from output of above command
# wget http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/4/i386/SRPMS.lvn/ati-fglrx-$VER.src.rpm
# rpmbuild --rebuild --target $(uname -m) --define "ksrc /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build" --without userland ati-fglrx-$VER.src.rpm
# rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/$(uname -m)/kernel-module-fglrx-$(uname -r)-$VER.$(uname -m).rpm

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