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Docks allow users to connect a variety of external peripherals simply by attaching their ThinkPad to the dock. IBM sells three types of docks for current ThinkPads, the [[ThinkPad Port Replicator II]], [[ThinkPad Mini-Dock]], and [[ThinkPad Dock II]]. Additionally, IBM's line of ultralight notebooks, the X-series, have a on-the-go dock called the [[UltraBase X4|UltraBase]]. IBM's docks are known to be some of the most flexible and useful docks available among all notebook manufacturers.
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==Available Docking Stations and Port Replicators==
* [[ThinkPad Dock I (3545)]] <tt>(360/370/750/755/760 series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Dock II (3546)]] <tt>(360/370/750/755/760 series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 1]] <tt>(360/370/750/755/760/765 series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 2]] <tt>(360/370/750/755/760/765 series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaBase Model I]] <tt>(TP 760 and 765 series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaBase 600]] <tt>(TP 600 series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaBase 770]] <tt>(TP 770 series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaDock I]] <tt>(TP 760{{footnote|1}}, 765{{footnote|1}} and 770{{footnote|2}} series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaDock II]] <tt>(TP 760{{footnote|1}}, 765{{footnote|1}} and 770{{footnote|2}} series models)</tt>
* [[SelectaDock III]] <tt>(TP 600{{footnote|3}}, 760{{footnote|1}}, 765{{footnote|1}} and 770{{footnote|2}} series models)</tt>
* [[TransNote Port Extender]] <tt>(ThinkPad TransNote)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad i Series Port Replicator]] <tt>(TP i1400, i1500 Series)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad 365 Port Replicator]] <tt>(TP 365)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad 365X Port Replicator]] <tt>(TP 365X)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad 380/385 Port Replicator]]
* [[ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator]] <tt>(TP 380/385 series, 560 and 570{{footnote|4}})</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Enhanced Port Replicator]] <tt>(TP 380/385 series and 560X)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator with Advanced EtherJet]] <tt>(TP 380Z, 390 series, 570 series, 600 series, 770 series, i1720)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator]] <tt>(A20-A31p, R30-R32, T20-T30, X20-X32)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator II]] <tt>(A,R,T,X series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Dock]] <tt>(A,T,X series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Dock II]] <tt>(A,R,T,X series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad Mini-Dock]] <tt>(A,R,T,X series models)</tt>
* [[ThinkPad X4 Dock]] <tt>(X40 series)</tt>
* [[UltraBase]] <tt>(TP 570 series)</tt>
* [[UltraBase X2]] <tt>(X20, X21, X22, X23, X24)</tt>
* [[UltraBase X3]] <tt>(X30, X31, X32)</tt>
* [[UltraBase X4]] <tt>(X40, X41)</tt>
* [[Direct Dock Adapter]]
* [[SelectaBase PC Card Enabler]]
* [[SelectaBase PC Card Enabler with Advanced EtherJet]]
* [[Portable Drive Bay]] (PC-Card UltraBay adapter)
* [[Portable Drive Bay 2000]] (PC-Card/USB UltraBay 2000 adapter)
==Future Docks==
It is only a matter of time before IBM (or Lenovo) updates the Dock II. With the release of the Intel 915 mobile chipset, it is likely that the follow-on will support PCI Express components. This should be a great boon for Thinkpad owners - greater dock performance and greater expansion possibilities will mean there's even less of a reason to use a desktop PC.
==External Sources==
*[http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=MIGR-4NXNTP IBMs Docking Solutions overview page]
#requires [[SelectaBase Model I]]
#requires [[SelectaBase 770]]
#requires [[SelectaBase 600]]
#requires [[Direct Dock Adapter]] or [[UltraBase]]
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