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This is a Analog Devices High-Definition Audio 1.0 controller


  • Chipset: AD1981HD
  • Interface: HD Audio 1.0

Linux ALSA driver

Installation on Debian GNU/Linux

The AD1981HD installs by default in Debian. To get it to work type 'alsaconf' on the command line as the root user.

# alsaconf

To become root, type su at the command line.


As of ALSA 1.0.13 the master volume has returned. Download the latest modules from your distrobution to fix this problem. Otherwise as a temporary fix add model=hp to the snd-hda-intel module option. This will return the master volume control to your control.
If you use Debian, edit /etc/modprobe.d/sound to change ALSA module options.
  • If you experience crackling noises, this can be avoided by adding the position_fix=2 optional argument for the module.
  • If you have problems recording audio, try selecting "Front Mic" as the capture device.
There have been reported problems using arecord while debugging, it's recommended to instead use Audacity.
  • According to a bug in the BIOS, the modem disables the audio device too. If you are having problems with your soundcard and have disabled your modem, try re-enabling it. On some systems disabling the modem results in fixing some problems, so if you haven't disabled the modem, try it.

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