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This is a Analog Devices High-Definition Audio 1.0 controller


  • Chipset: AD1981HD
  • Interface: HD Audio 1.0

Linux ALSA driver

Installation on Debian GNU/Linux

The AD1981HD installs by default in Debian. To get it to work type 'alsaconf' on the command line as the root user.

# alsaconf

To become root, type su at the command line.


As a temporary fix add model=hp to the snd-hda-intel module option. This will return the master volume control to your control.
If you use Debian, edit /etc/modprobe.d/sound to change ALSA module options.
  • If you experience crackling noises, this can be avoided by adding the position_fix=2 optional argument for the module.
  • If you have problems recording audio, try selecting "Front Mic" as the capture device.
There have been reported problems using arecord while debugging, it's recommended to instead use Audacity.
  • According to a bug in the BIOS, the modem disables the audio device too. If you are having problems with your soundcard and have disabled your modem, try re-enabling it.

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