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Hardware Specifications of Thinkpad R52 Machine Type 1859-4AU

Thinkpad Hardware Maintenance Manual

Installing Fedora Core 5

  • Getting suspend and resume to work: (2006.04.20)
    • Check BIOS setting: Power On; Press F1 to enter BIOS settings. Check that the value for Config -> Power -> "Allow suspend mode on legacy OS" is: Enabled
    • If on resume the video is not restored, edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf, find the section "Module" and comment out the line that says load "DRI" by putting a hash mark # at the beginning of the line:

# load "DRI"

It is possible to get suspend working with DRI; I hope to soon provide a working dual head xorg.conf that allows resume from suspend.

Thinkpad Family: R52