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    <alltransclusions gatcontinue="Bootparm|1352" />
      <page pageid="728" ns="12" title="Help:Editing" />
      <page pageid="737" ns="0" title="Installing LFS on a ThinkPad T23" />
      <page pageid="1032" ns="0" title="Ipw2200" />
      <page pageid="1142" ns="0" title="Problem with high power drain in ACPI sleep" />
      <page pageid="1143" ns="0" title="How to make APM work" />
      <page pageid="1144" ns="0" title="How to make ACPI work" />
      <page pageid="1152" ns="0" title="Kernel parameters" />
      <page pageid="1176" ns="0" title="Problem with high pitch noises" />
      <page pageid="4080" ns="0" title="Table of thinkpad-acpi LEDs" />