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I have IMB Thinkpad T42 and I am trying to install IPW2200 but I am unsucessfully complete the installation process. Had any one had it to work? Could you please give me some instruction on how to install firmware onto my Fedora Core 4?


Did you try it after installing the ipw2200 firmware from

Re-partitioning harddrive for T43

Am planning to do the following steps to install linux on my unit: - create a back-up image of my drive C - Format drive C - Repartition my drive to accomodate dual booting of windowsXP and linux - Restore image - install linux on 2nd partition (or partition sets of linux)

Would this be correct? I don't want to run into any trouble with the recovery partition and sure would not want to loose any data...or sleepless nights trying to make my old configuration work :)

Screen Resolution

I am having trouble getting the LCD screen to go above a resolution of 800x600. Has anybody had this problem and was able to fix it?

Just go to System settings/display and under hardware choose LCD pannel that supports 1024*768 and then change resolution.