Windows 10 Lenovo Tools Summary

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This article gives summary of the tools that you may install on your Lenovo Thinkpad.

System Tools

Hardware Utilities/Drivers

Link Name Comments
LSettings.png Lenovo Settings A tool to help you configurate your computer hardware settings.
URL ThinkPad Settings Dependency for Windows 10 This are a set of libraries required for Lenovo Settings to Work.
LenovoCompanionIcon.jpg Lenovo Companion 3 Tools to help you manage your computer hardware.
Tvsu.png ThinkVantage System Update This tool helps you find driver and firmware updates for your computer.
LSC-Icon.png Lenovo Solution Center This tool helps you to find hardware issues in your computer.
Link Name Comments
LActive.png ThinkVantage Active Protection System (Lenovo Airbag Protection) Tool to prevent HDD damage on movement or vibrations.
LBGauge.png Lenovo Battery Gauge Tool toshow you battery use on Windows taskbar.