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I have a T42p since 10 February 2005, and am struggling to set it up as good as possible.

OS: Debian Sarge with Gnome Kernel: Debian stock kernel-2.6.10-1-686 (from unstable)


  * proprietary fglrx ATI-Driver (fairly easy), but has some problems:
     * at resume from memory, driver crashes, need to reboot.
     * VMWare needs DGA, fglrx needs it disabled
  * alsa sound (took some time)
  * acpi1 (standby)
  * wlan (ipw2100)


  * acpi2 (swsusp)
  * dvd view and record (not really tested yet)

Current Questions:

  * why is swsusp not working? (have kernel 2.6.10 with resume=/dev/hda6 (swap) )
  * how to turn off annoying beeps when plugging in AC/DC, Standby/Resume ?


  * My first ressource: Has nice links on how to setup acpi, kernel-config and the like.