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My machine is ThinkPad R60 (9456-6FG), running Slackware 11.

If you have any problem with R60 and/or Slackware, feel free to contact me;)

jabber: b42 |atsign| njs |dot| netlab |dot| cz

Things that don't work or i didn't try on my machine:

  • FireWire (probably works, don't have any 1394 device)
  • BlueTooth (ditto)
  • PCMCIA/ExCard (ditto)
  • Modem (umm, who needs a modem nowadays?)
  • S-Video (will try ... sometime)
  • FingerPrint Reader (i don't use pam, so it'll probably be difficult to setup)
  • AHCI for SATA (using kernel 2.6.18, i had to turn it off in bios in order for sleep/wakeup to work)