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*Order PN: 40Y8121
*Order PN: 40Y8121
*FRU PN: 40Y8124
*FRU PN: 40Y8124
*UPC: 882861072866
*EAN: 0882861072866
*JAN: 4560209485887
=== Supported with ===
=== Supported with ===

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Ultrabay Slim Serial/Parallel Port Adapter

This device provides a native serial and parallel port on supported ThinkPads.


UltraBay Slim Serial/Parallel Port Adapter

Linux support

These ports are handled by the regular linux serial and parallel drivers.

If a ThinkPad with this adapter is attached to a Dock or Port Replicator with serial and parallel ports, the ports on the Ultrabay will be automatically disabled, and the ports on the Dock/Port Replicator will be active instead.

Part numbers

  • Order PN: 40Y8121
  • FRU PN: 40Y8124
  • UPC: 882861072866
  • EAN: 0882861072866
  • JAN: 4560209485887

Supported with