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[[File:Numeric_keypad_topdown.png|thumb|alt=Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad mounted in a T23|
picture of Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad and the built-in keyboard of {{T23}}]]
{{thumb|Numeric_keypad_topdown.png|Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad installed in a T23}}
{{thumb|ThinkPadA31p Ultra.jpg|Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad installed in a A31p}}
=== Part numbers ===
=== Part numbers ===
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*[[X3 UltraBase]]
*[[X3 UltraBase]]
[[Category:Ultrabay Devices]]

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UltraBay Plus Numeric Keypad

Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad

The Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad is a keypad that can be inserted into the Ultrabay Plus Device Carrier. It then sticks out of the right edge of the notebook. When the device carrier is closed the keypad remains inside the system. When running Windows, the top-left key (where NumLock is expected) opens Microsoft Calculator.


  • 17 keys
  • Supports hotswapping
  • Can control MS calculator directly
  • USB 1.1 interface with PM extensions
  • Weight: 42.6g (0.094lbs)

Photos (click to see full size)
Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad installed in a T23
Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad installed in a A31p

Part numbers

  • Marketig Part Nr.: 22P7330
  • FRU Part Nr.: 19K2056

Supported with