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The UltraPort is a tiny connector sitting at the top edge of the display. It was introduced by IBM with the T20 series and other models of that time, but only continued onto some models from the time of the T30. With the T40 type models it has vanished completely again.

On the controller side the UltraPort is nothing but a USB 1.1 port, so all UltraPort devices are usable on other computers as USB devices as well.

There were 4 devices produced by IBM for this port:

  • UltraPort Camera / UltraPort Camera II
  • UltraPort Bluetooth Adaptor
  • UltraPort Infrared Adaptor
  • UltraPort Compact Flash Adaptor

Linux Support

The UltraPort is recognised and driven by the kernels USB drivers.

For the camera module a kernel patch for 2.4 series kernels is available. Read how to install it here.

If the other devices are working is not known.