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This page is a list of ThinkPads with extraordinary features, design or impact. At the moment it is just a listing to gather the models.

  • ThinkPad 220 (runs on 6 AA batteries)
  • ThinkPad 235 (runs on camcorder batteries)
  • ThinkPad 600 (biggest market impact)
  • ThinkPad 550BJ,555BJ (integrated printer)
  • ThinkPad 560 (ultraportable)
  • ThinkPad 701C, 701CS (TrackWrite butterfly keyboard, piece of MoMa exhibition)
  • ThinkPad 750 (first ThinkPad that went to space - aboard the Endeavour)
  • ThinkPad 755CV, 755CDV (overhead projector displays)
  • ThinkPad 820, 850 (PowerPC based with SCSI)
  • ThinkPad T30 (first Thinkpad with a touchpad)
  • ThinkPad TransNote (FlipTouch, ThinkScribe)
  • Thinkpad Z60t/Z60m (first Thinkpad released under full Lenovo control, first widescreen Thinkpad)
  • Thinkpad X41 Tablet (Tablet PC ultraportable)
  • PC110 (PalmTop sized computer)