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* {{380}}, {{380D}}, {{380E}}, {{380ED}}, {{380XD}}, {{380Z}}
* {{380}}, {{380D}}, {{380E}}, {{380ED}}, {{380XD}}, {{380Z}}
* {{385D}}, {{385ED}}, {{385XD}}
* {{385D}}, {{385ED}}, {{385XD}}
* {{560X}}, {{560Z}}
* {{560X}}

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IBM ThinkPad Enhanced Port Replicator

The IBM ThinkPad Enhanced Port Replicator contains basic pass-through connections for the notebook ports. It comes without integrated power supply but provides the same AC port as found in a ThinkPad, so you need to use either your Thinkpad AC adapter or another IBM AC adapter. Besides all the pass-through ports the Port Replicator comes with an On/Off switch and a slot for a cable lock (only for the dock though).


  • PS2-keyboard
  • PS2-mouse
  • Serial (9 pin)
  • Parallel (25 pin)
  • USB
  • 2 PCMCIA ports for 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC Cards
  • MIDI/Joystick
  • Diskette drive
  • VGA
  • Audio line-in & line-out
  • Kensington Security hole
  • A/C Power connector

Supported ThinkPads