ThinkPad Advanced Mini-Dock

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ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock

ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock

The ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock (Model # 250410U) contains basic pass-through connections for notebook ports, including power pass-through. It comes without integrated power supply but provides the same power jack as found in a ThinkPad, an AC-Adapter is included. Besides all the pass-through ports the ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock comes with an On/Off switch, Key lock and a slot for a cable lock.

Fix for Poweroff on Docking

Fix for poweroff on docking


Lenovo part numbers

  • order part number: P/N 250410U
  • FRU part number: 26R9063

Fix for no audio on Headphone-out

If the Headphone-out jack on the docking station does not work you may need to enable it in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf:

   options snd-hda-intel model=thinkpad

Problem with system crashes on power loss

Some units can completely lock up your system when you lose power. This issue seems to be caused by the legacy ports (parallel and serial) on the dock. You can work around this by disabling the legacy ports in the BIOS: Config -> Docking Station -> Legacy Devices on Mini-Dock

Note: This wont help if you put your system into standby. After resuming your system will be affected again (tested with ubuntu 10.10).

More information is available on this page (google cache, the original one is atm 404):

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