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== Supported ThinkPads ==
== Supported ThinkPads ==
* ThinkPad {{T500}}, {{T400}}, {{T61}}, {{T61p}}, {{T60}}, {{T60p}}, {{W500}}, {{R500}}, {{R400}}, {{R60}}, {{R61}}, {{Z61}}, {{Z60}}, {{Z60m}}, {{Z60t}}, {{Z61p}}
* ThinkPad {{R60}}, {{R61}}, {{R61i}} (some models), {{R500}}
* ThinkPad {{T60}}, {{T60p}}, {{T61}}, {{T61p}}, T61u, {{T400}}, {{T500}}
* ThinkPad {{W500}}
* ThinkPad {{Z60m}}, {{Z60t}}, {{Z61m}}, {{Z61p}}, {{Z61t}}

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ThinkPad Advanced Dock

ThinkPad Advanced Dock

The ThinkPad Advanced Dock (Model # 250310U) contains basic pass-through connections for notebook ports, including power pass-through. It comes with an integrated power supply. Besides all the pass-through ports the ThinkPad Advanced Dock comes with an UltraBay, PCI Express slot, 6-in-1 media card reader, On/Off switch, key lock and a slot for a cable lock.

Fix for Poweroff on Docking




Only 1x speed, but 16x graphics cards will work. Speeds of the interface will be between PCI and AGP bus speeds standard length - i.e. about an inch longer than the connector. Only thin cards will fit. Many performance video cards with heat sink/fans are too thick.

Validated Cards:

  • Visiontek Radeon X1300 PCIE 256MB Mfr #: 900237 (Heat sink that comes on unit is too long, you will need to change it to fit)

IBM part numbers

  • order part number: P/N 250410U
  • FRU part number: 26R9061

Supported ThinkPads