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Can confirm weird behaviour of artifical cpu frequency ceiling set at 1.2Ghz on a Thinkpad T61 (instead of advertised 2.0Ghz) when battery is absent. What happens is that irrelevant of cpu frequency governor, kernelspace or userspace, the ceiling is apparently set to 1.2Ghz, so even governors that do scale frequencies, these only go up to 1.2Ghz. No such issues when a battery is inserted

Machine: Thinkpad T61, model 7658CTO, 14" WXGA+, Intel GMA965 integrated graphics, Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 @ 2.0Ghz, Seagate ST910021AS hard drive, Intel 4965AGN wireless, Matsushita DVD RW drive.

OS: Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, 32-bit. No internal packages altered apparently, the issue appeared right from the vanilla install.

I wonder how many people have this problem, and if there is any fix in sight? Do all Linux flavours suffer from this? Do Windows machines suffer from this likewise?

Is this an EC or BIOS issue, that an OS can simply do nothing about?