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Game port adapter cable for ThinkPad 760:

Also known as MIDI/joystick port. The port dongle is also for 765.
FRU part number: 29H9269
IBM part number: 29H9467
29G9269 is a misprint part number, does not exist
Service Hints & Tips Document ID: LWIK-42SQ9M

365ED Game Port:

while researching Floppy Connector, I found a part number 75H7576 cable, supposedly for 365ED.
In a blurry eBay listing photo, I see a narrower D shell above a wider D shell. Maybe the larger one is 20 mm Floppy Connector, and the narrower one is game port. I am too lazy to look for HMM or other IBM original documentation.

--Numeric (talk)