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can somebody tell me how to activate the dvd drive ? since using the sata driver unter kernel 2.6 i can't use my dvd ...

You have to include the standard ide drivers, because dvd is ide

Can someone be a little more explicit on the process of upgrading to the 2.6 kernel once the base system is installed and running 2.4. which packages were required to install 2.6, what was the process, did you change just grub's menu.lst and fstab or anything else to sda? What did you change in the kernel config prior to compiling?

This page offers a nice explanation on how to make the DVD drive work using the SATA driver.

September, 28, 2005

I have a new T43 with Debian and the 2.6.12 kernel.

I can't get sound to come out the speakers. Drivers appear to be loaded

Also, the system will resume but immediately upon resume, it locks up. It appears to be attempting to hybernate upon resume. I have the SATA patch for power management loaded.


gsmenden: Are you still having these problems? Check to make sure you are using the latest video drivers (fglrx) and that is not the cause. You might use 2.6.15 kernel, which solves the ata passthrough problems - however, the patch for SATA suspend is still required. Search for "Problems with SATA" for full discussion.

I also have problems with alsa on a Thinkpad T43p with 2.6.13 on Debian. The intel driver can not be loaded and returns fatal errors. -> Update: Everything is fine after using alsaconf, alsactl and setting the mixer back to the volume it was earlier on...

Kernel Logging daemon

Whenever I run the kernel logging daemon 'klogd' on my Debian / sid system (T43p), it constantly uses 93-100% of my CPU - has anybody had this problem? The fan goes on, the machine gets hot, and I don't know what it is doing.

I do not really know how to go about evaluating this problem - various people have told me that it is likely spinlocking for a piece of hardware that is not responding. I ended up killing the process on each boot with subsequent release of the CPU and no problems, although I don't get the functionality of the daemon. I eventually 'apt-get removed' the klogd package with no ill effect, but I now need it to evaluate why my hdd spins up every 30 seconds.

Would some kind soul (who does *not* have this problem) post their .config for 2.6.15.x which I may line-by-line compare to mine, to see if any of the options that I have compiled into my kernel is the culprit? Of course, any other ideas welcome...

Update - figured it out - my kernel was silent due to the absence of PRINTK system compiled in - for some reason I must have unchecked this during a build.

gsmenden 17:09 11 Feb 2006 (EST)