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I recently tried using the libata-tj patch tarball for, applying this against the newly released kernel (released today.) Patch applied cleanly. Upon boot, I immediately get a multitude of "weird" errors -- strange lockups, programs segmentation fault (running "top" resulted in a seg fault), and ultimately a hard lockup.

I booted back to my vanilla, ran fsck (appeared to just replay a few transactions, no major damage), and am back to normal. However, it successfully scared me off - unfortunately can't risk too much downtime (or worse, subtle fs corruption) right now on my main system. Anybody have experiences with this on a T43p using piix driver?

--gsmenden 00:00, 23 May 2006 (EST)

The patch works fine on my T43. There's a git tree (mentioned on the patch's webpage) which is closer to 2.6.18, but AFAIK no simple unified patch was prepred.

--Thinker 08:37, 23 May 2006 (CEST)

Cool. If I get brave I'll try it again on the 43p against proper and report back.

--gsmenden 15:29, 23 May 2006 (EST)

Works fine here on 2.6.16. I got only one crash with Suspend to Ram, which I'm unable to reproduce yet. I renamed the acpi event files because at least my acpid doesn't read files that ends with .conf

--Defiant 21:09, 28 May 2006 (CEST)

Update - patched against, works fine. It appears my previous problems were due to a disk error unrelated to the patch. Excellent!

--gsmenden 00:57, 31 May 2006 (EST)

Anybody have time to make a patch of the libata(-tj) .git tree against the recently released 2.6.17? I hope to make one in the future if not...

--gsmenden 22:08, 19 Jun 2006 (EST)

one nit about ultrabay_close script / patch against 2.6.17 available


In ultrabay_close, there is 'sleep 3' for disk spinup, which isn't necessary. libata itself waits for disk spinup and if something breaks (e.g. first reset fails w/ timeout or something), it's libata's fault. Please remove that line and see if anything breaks.

Also, I've uploaded patch against 2.6.17/ today.

Hmmm... My post looks different from others. This wasn't intentional. Just don't know how to add normal discussion entry. Sorry.


Right, it works fine without "sleep 3" using the new patches. Sleep removed.

--Thinker 12:35, 1 July 2006 (CEST)

Is it correct, that the ata_piix driver in kernel 2.6.18 RC4 now supports hot swapping like described in the howto and announced here

--cob 15:53, 23 August 2006

T42 freezing up when trying to hot swap ultrabay.


Please bear with me. I am totally new at this and I am making my best effort to understand and learn.

My problem is that when typing "# echo eject > /proc/acpi/ibm/bay" to eject my ultrabay and put another in, I see the power going off in the ultrabay LED, but then my PC freezes completely.

I am running Fedora 6 Test 3, kernel 2.6.17-1.2647 and my notebook is a ThinkPad T42.

Please help! I have to constantly be changing my bay to use information in other hard drives, and I have to shutdown the system completely to not have any problems.


--Barny 09/21/2006@7:46PM EST