SelectaDock III

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IBM ThinkPad SelectaDock III

The SelectaDock III provides expandability for your IBM ThinkPad notebook models, while providing the same usability as a desktop computer system. Option cables connected or disconnected to your computer can be connected to the Dock I so you can easily carry your computer.


  • External SCSI connector
  • 2 Type II or 1 Type III PCMCIA slots with Cardbus support
  • Audio-In
  • Audio-Out
  • Headphone connector
  • Stereo Speakers
  • accessible 3.5" bay
  • UltraBay, UltraBay II slots
  • Optional Internal SCSI CD-ROM drive or SCSI HDD
  • 2 full size PCI/ISA shared slots
  • 1 half size PCI slot

PCI and ISA Slots

There are two full size 32-bit PCI slots, shared with two full size 16 bit ISA slots plus one half size 32-bit PCI slot.


Internal and External SCSI connectors are available.

Internally there is only space for one half size SCSI device, either a CD-ROM drive or a HDD.

Supported ThinkPads