SelectaBase 600

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IBM SelectaBase 600

The SelectaBase 600 acts as a port replicator for 600 series ThinkPads and contains basic pass-through connections for the notebook ports. It comes without integrated power supply but provides the same DC port as found in a ThinkPad, so you need to use either your Thinkpad AC adapter or another IBM AC adapter. Besides all the pass-through ports the Port Replicator comes with a slot for a cable lock (only for the dock though).

It contains a second docking port to allow it to be docked onto the SelectaDock I, SelectaDock II or SelectaDock III docking station, acting as a middle layer between the notebook and the dock. Also, if not connected to the SelectaDock, this port can be used to extend the SelectaBase 600 with a SelectaBase PC Card Enabler or SelectaBase PC Card Enabler with Advanced EtherJet.


Supported ThinkPads

Part/FRU #s

  • Option P/N: 12J2467
  • UPC: 087944406693
  • EAN: 5019170406692
  • JAN: 4968665535632
  • P/N: 12J2468
    • FRU P/N: 12P4057