Problem with hot surfaces

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This article is about hot surfaces that can cause thermal discomfort to the user of the laptop. For acoustic discomfort (indirectly) caused by fan noise due to heating up, see problem with fan noise. For hardware meltdowns, see your Lenovo representative.

ThinkPad T43 hot area under touchpad

On the T43 and T43p, the area under the touchpad (housing the southbridge and WiFi card) can get very hot, especially when the WiFi card is in use. This can cause severe discomfort when using the laptop on one's lap. Male users beware!.1

Partial solutions

  1. According to The Register, Dr. Jon Jenkins notes: "I thought I would just point out that the penis does not have heat sensory nerve fibres. So it is [theoretically] quite possible to not know that your appendage is suffering from exposure to heat". Also, raised scrotum temperature affects fertility.